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About Us

What is ReadyToShip?

ReadyToShip is an online shipping integration business which began in 2007.

Since then we have powered shipping/labelling and tracking for many millions of consignments for our customers.

The application ReadyToShip is an integration tool connection online stores & marketplaces to carriers. It helps sellers manage, print and track orders.

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Who is behind this?

ReadyToShip was started by Nathan Huppatz, Brendan Taylor and Ian Slinger. We have over 16 years of commerce experience, having built and sold a number of ecommerce businesses, built websites for other customers and built ecommerce tools and software for ourselves and external customers.

ReadyToShip was a tool originally built to make us more efficient, but has since been commercialised.

It is the largest business of its type in Australia, with thousands of customers.



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